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  1. GSX-R600/GSX-R750 General forum
    I just installed a new Clutch Lever assembly for my 2017 GSXR 600 after a slide on the track. Everything went fine I got the cable in and set but when I pull the clutch lever in it stay in, it does activate the clutch enough to start the bike but it will not go back into place (I’m guessing not...
  2. 06-07 GSX-R600/750
    I have a 2006 gsxr 600 that I bought about 1k miles ago I was riding it the other day, and noticed that it was extremely hard to shift into any gear. So I got home and I removed the clutch cover, and I noticed the main nut behind the clutch pressure plate was really loose which seemed to be...
  3. 01-03 600 and 00-03 750
    Hello everyone!! I’m in search for the clutch sleeve bub holder tool that the service manual states I need for clutch removal. Part # 0992-53740. I am working on splitting the cases and replacing the second gear and the bent/worn fork I suspect is my second gear issue. Pics to follow. does...
1-3 of 3 Results