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  1. F.A.Q.
    Hello Everyone This is my 1st post here and I need Some help! I have A 96 katana 600 starts with throttle wide open. I took carbs off to fix choke and clean the soon as she starts she's wide open.I checked choke and throttle cable. all ok was thinking maybe I hooked the fuel & vacum...
  2. General Bike Talk
    Looking for some ideas and Info on the bike. Carbs are still removed and jets are out and cleaned. the part I am confused with is the brass screws (pointed tips) and the (flat tipped) screws that are silver on the bowl cover. Can anyone confirm if I’m right about this: Brass screws.. control...
  3. 01-03 600 and 00-03 750
    I picked up a gsxr600 2001 recently and the carbs require balancing was in the middle of trying to do this job when i discovered that the adjustment screws were sezied so i need to buy a repair kit when i search for the kit kt comes up with 97-00 kits are they the same carbs for the 01 plates
  4. General Bike Talk
    I have search all over about these carbs... I have a slide that is burnt and stuck only in one of the carburetors I'm curious what would cause this before I replace them and ruin another carb? would it be Blow by from the cylinder? Also have water mixing in the oil and I am aware of the water...
  5. SRADs (97-00 600 and 96-99 750)
    Hello everyone. I really need some guidance with a situation I have going on. I have a 96 gsxr750 with a KN filter but I believe it’s the original box. I have a Yoshimura RS-3 exhaust I have cleaned the carbs before on the bike and put them back together with no issues other then not being...
  6. Oil Cooled Gixxers
    Hey all, I'm at a loss with this bike, and could REALLY use your help. I have no clue where to go from here, and am so tired of giving shops my money. SO, the journey I have been through with the bike is: Bike was running well, but sputtered if I pinned it (unless I eased my way up to it)...
1-6 of 6 Results