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  1. 07-08 GSX-R1000
    I am having a nightmare… long story short, I rode my bike to work and it got rained on. It worked for the next two days, but the tachometer and gear position sensor were glitchy. Then, I went to turn it on and the fuel pump wouldn’t prime and code c42 came up (ignition switch). Upon inspection...
  2. 05-06 GSX-R1000
    Hi, im kyle/pingu1000, from the isle of man. New to the forum. After building/racing oil cooled bike for over 8 years i decided to build a gsxr 1000 k5 drag bike. i purchased a frame, engine, ecu, ignition and a mountain of other parts from a friend who was selling up his spares etc from...
1-2 of 2 Results