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  1. 2017 GSX-R1000
    Sorry if this question has already been answered... I searched multiple combinations of words related to the L7+ GSX-R 1000's headlight to no avail. Was wondering if its possible to upgrade the headlight on the new 1k's or is it a proprietary thing only? It would be really sh**ty if you have to...
  2. 2017 GSX-R1000
    Hello i have a 20’ gsxr1000 with a full toce system, air filter, and a shnitz racing ecu reflash. I bought a servo buddy for the exhaust when i bought that then shortly after I sent in my ecu for a reflash. I haven’t ridden in a while but after the flashed ecu was installed, it has been popping...
1-2 of 2 Results