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  1. Mods & How To's
    I picked up a 2013 gsxr600 from an auction. When you ride, the bike won’t rev over 7k at any point. While doing a pressure test I rode down the block. Idling the bike runs at 45psi like it should, Just cruising it drops to 30-35 psi and you can notice a huge power decrease…. when you give it the...
  2. Chassis, Suspension & Tire Setup
    Hey y'all I am doing a service on my 2013 gsxr 600 forks. They started to leak a puddle of oil. So I bought seals and bushing. I have the fork tubes apart. I am know realizing how on these gixxers the bushings stay in their position. The one bushing up higher seems like it will be easy to get...
1-2 of 2 Results