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    08-10 GSX-R600/750
    Sup everyone, This is my first post on the site. Im a newer owner of a 2008 600 and believe I have come upon my first issue with my bike. I searched many forums but did not find anything specific about whats going on with my bike. So save me the “check older forum posts.” Hopefully one of you...
  2. Help gsx650f

    07-08 GSX-R1000
    Help I’m having a fuel starvation issue. 08gsx650f no FI light but it does say “chec”. As soon as the bike is started will rev up to about 10k but after 10 seconds will rev up to 5k max. In gear I’m lucky to get it to 3.5k rpms and 45mph. I’ve checked air filter fuel filter changed plugs and...
  3. 08 K8 600 shifting problems

    08-10 GSX-R600/750
    Hey guys I have a 08 k8 600 I've had for a couple of years, recently been having issues with the gearbox, I was riding pretty hard and all of a sudden the the shifter rod became stiff and would only switch from 2nd to 3rd gear it wouldnt shift down to neutral or go from 3rd to 4th. I limped it...
  4. Will '08 ohlins 30mm cartridge kit fit in '11

    11 - Present GSX-R600/750
    I have my old 30mm ohlins cartridge drop in kit that i used for my 2008 gsxr 600 when I raced. I recently bought a 2011 600 for street riding and curious if i can get the kit for the 2008 to fit in my 2011 some how. Idk if i need to replace a part or if i could buy some 08 forks and just...
  5. Vibration/Sound when in gear

    08-10 GSX-R600/750
    I have a 2008 GSXR600 with nearly 11000 miles and there is vibration/sound only when I'm in gear and moving. If I'm in neutral or stopped while in gear with the clutch in there is no sound, but whenever I am in gear and moving I can hear the sound/vibration. If I'm rolling in neutral or while in...