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  1. New to the Gixxer life- '96 SRAD

    Member Introductions (No bike related problems)
    Just picked up this '96 750 SRAD yesterday morning to join my '91 FZR 600 and '88 Honda Hawk NT650. I've wanted a blue/white 750 since I was a kid and this is the coolest out there in my opinion (Not counting the 750RR/RK, but I'm about $30k short of that). You'll probably see me trying to track...
  2. HELP!! 96 gsxr 1100 carb slide burnt/stuck

    General Bike Talk
    I have search all over about these carbs... I have a slide that is burnt and stuck only in one of the carburetors I'm curious what would cause this before I replace them and ruin another carb? would it be Blow by from the cylinder? Also have water mixing in the oil and I am aware of the water...
  3. 1996 gsxr 1100 plug n play stator alternatives?

    Water Cooled Gixxers
    Hello community, I have been scouring this site for a couple years now looking for information about whether there are other alternators/stators from different years that would bolt right in and work fine. I am skeptical buying used from ebay when they all have contradicting data about...
  4. 1996 GSX-R 1100 W

    1996 GSX-R 1100 W