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  1. 93 1100 not running like it should

    Water Cooled Gixxers
    The other day I bought a good looking 93 1100. I went on a ride bike felt mint ripped nice and smooth All the way up to 12k rpms then today I went to ride it and it still gets up there quick but the engine doesn’t sound smooth anymore it sounds like it doesn’t wanna go past 8k rpms. Anyone got...
  2. GSX-R1100 General Thread

    Member Introductions (No bike related problems)
    Hello all, I am a new member but I have been visiting this site quite often for several years (very good site and friendly community). Although, I find it difficult at times to locate information specific to the model type I have. Therefore, I would like to propose to you webmasters and site...
  3. Gsxr 1100 thread?

    Member Introductions (No bike related problems)
    I see threads for every model of Suzuki except GSXR 1100w. Am I missing something?
  4. 1996 GSX-R 1100 W

    1996 GSX-R 1100 W