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Gsxr 1100
White / Blue
Here is a video of the bike with a starup later in the video :

This the 1998 model year of the famous GSXR-1100 sportsbike .This was the final year the 1100 was in production and in 1999 the hayabusa was released and took over the flag as Suzukis big bore sport bike

This is the GU75C version of the 1100 r which was produced between 93-98

When I was a kid back in the 90s this was my dream sports bike

So Earlier this year this fine example was for sale with just one owner before me who bought it new back in the spring of 1999 so the motorcycle stood on the showroom floor for over a year before it was purchased. It now have 22450km on the clock or translated to miles that is 13950 miles. When I saw the bike on the internet adverts I bought it straight up becuase I been searching for over 2 years for a completely stock Gsx r 1100r with low milage.

After i got it I changed the engine oil and oilfilter , sparkplugs , airfilter , coolant fluid , brakefluid, fluid for the clutch and replaced the grips to Suzuki GSX-R 1100 stock oem grips.

This machine was sold new in Sweden so it´s the powerful european spec on this bike with the 40mm carburetors and unrestricted motor

This Gsx1100r have a 1074cc water cooled inline 4 cylinder , DOHC , TSCC , 16 valve engine producing 156 hp and 117 nm of torque. 1993 was the first year this engine was watercooled / Liquid cooled and it was pretty much the same engine for 1993 wp , 1994 wr , 1995 ws , 1996 wt , 1997 wv and 1998 ww except in 1995 the changed the cams and som other parts to make the motor more powerful. The earlier years 1986 G ( GU74A ) , 1987 H , 1988 J , 1989 K , 1990 L ,1991 M and 1992 N the engine in this bike was air and oil cooled . This 98 bike weight is 221 kilo dry. It´s a very powerful motorcycle that will
still hang with most of the modern bikes
1998 Suzuki Gsxr 1100 (White / Blue)


There will be an 4-2-1 full akrapovic exhuast system installed in the spring of 2018



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