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White, Black, Blue
I added this 1996 GSX-R1100W to the stable on 08/16/16. I picked her up in Baltimore, where her 2nd owner purchased this 2850 mile bike a year ago from a local dealer. She came fully serviced, which also included a set of new Michelin tires and a new chain / sprockets. The owner then added a Zero Gravity wind screen, new slip-on pipes, Keihin 41 mm flat slide carbs, short brake & clutch levers, and she even still has her 2015 "30 day" cardboard tags! The owner then decided that the bike was to small for him, so she was placed into storage, where she remained for over a year without ever being registered. He then purchased a new Hayabusa, which according to him is a much better fit. So, after him having paid $3k for the bike, plus another approximately $3k for the new items he added, he sold me the bike for $2.2k after two other "wannabe eBay buyers" failed to complete the purchase. I made an appointment to have her serviced, tuned, and her leaking front fork seals replaced. I always liked the double headlights, and the general looks of the older GSX-R's. She rides as great as she looks, but the clicking carb slides will take some time to get used to.

I just ordered braided brake lines with steel fittings, installed a new battery, and she is getting new fork seals installed next week. I'm also working on fixing a battery / system charging issue.
1996 Suzuki GSX-R1100W (White, Black, Blue)


The FCR carbs had no air filters when I purchased this bike, so they sucked straight unfiltered air into the engine, which I didn't like. So, more $$$ spend, I bought $400.00 worth of filters with mounting brackets to fix this issue. I also had her re-jetted, $$$ since this bike was jetted for the drag strip, but definitely not for regular street riding.
As with most of the older 1100's, this bike has some electrical issues. Many of the plugs or current electrical connectors have some sort or degree of corrosion, which are starting to interfere with everything working as it should, so I'm getting ready to eliminate many of the electrical connectors by splicing wires together and then sealing them with adhesive lined heat shrink tubing.



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