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GSXR 750
Yoshimura full exhaust, tuned for exhaust and K&N filter,
I am the 3rd owner but the one before me only had the bike for 2 months and isn’t even on the paperwork. The bike has 30,000 miles on it but the motor was supposedly gone through less then 4K miles ago, and it appears the the bike has been well maintained. I don’t believe the Power Commander has been installed since the engine has been rebuilt. I believe that the motor has been gone through because it runs flawlessly.
Complete new full set of plastics, new seats w/ rear seat delete, rear fender delete, up graded brakes, rotors, ect. New rear BattleAxe tire, new green chain, all new smoked LED lights, new mirrors, modified nose to accept an 2008 smoked windscreen, new stator, rectifier, Yoshi chain guard, with the full Yoshimura exhaust installed on it w/ the K&N filter tuned with the with all of all mods. The Power Commander 3r not installed. I’ve heard mixed reviews on the Power Commanders, friends have said don’t use it unless I want to have issues with starting it. Can anyone clear this rumor up? I haven’t seen any bad reviews on You Tube or anywhere. I get the feeling that my friends just don’t want me to install the Power Commander, because as it is the only bike possibly faster is a friends ZX10 but the 750 is a lot lighter and would smash it on the track. And that’s without the Power Commander. Supposedly the engine had be gone through less then 4K miles ago, prior to the last owner who only had it for 2 months. I believe it possibly has be gone through, because it runs absolutely flawlessly. With no leaks or issues Whatsoeve. The bike does appears to of been well maintained. My homeboy has a stock 2013 GSXR 750 w/ 6,500 mls and mine will destroy his. I painted the plastics Mat white and the frame Mat black, someone had polished the frame. I also painted the intakes red I plan on painting the swing arm and or upper tubular frame red also. I was planing to add some the red/ white and black Suzuki GSXR 750 decals to go faster but I really like how clean it is without any decals. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Also curious to know if the $3K I paid was a decent deal? At the end of this summer. It was the best deal I found around Portland, Oregon, also if anyone can let me know what to expect if I do use the Power Commander3r. Or just leave alone. Because as it is it runs about as good as a new bike. Also does anyone have any idea how the front and rear shocks should be adjusted because as freeway speeds say 65 it’s feels pretty bouncy or jumpy, I’m 6.3” 225lb? the person before me weighed closer to 300llbs. I’m just curious I would like to have at least a basic idea of how to set the shocks? Jason


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