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General Information

GSX-R 750 K6
Black/Candy Sonoma Red (Maroon)
Traded in my SRAD for this new k6, Rode it for over 12 years, Racked up 95000km on her (59000 miles)

Over the years saw a lot of changes, some damage (but nothing fatal) including a lowspeed highsider in the snow
Some trouble with electrics (Alternators, regulator, moisture in ECU), leaking gaskets

Did 3 trackdays on her, her last one in 2016, when she already had 75K on her (46K miles) she handled like a champ, even though her headgasket was starting to sweat

Alas, that was the beginning of the end
Start of 2019, I knew she was reaching her limit, base gasket was now leaking (replaced the headgasket though), downpipes cracked (for the second time), Powdercoat was falling off, but she was still going
..until her alternator went (for the second time in her life), then it was over for the little beastie, she died in my hands
2006 Suzuki GSX-R 750 K6 (Black/Candy Sonoma Red (Maroon))


Disabled the Pair and SET system
Installed Velocity stacks, first K&N, then MWR filter
Installed a PC3 with custom map, TRE
Put on carbon covers because in quite a short time, my knees had created bare spots on the frame
Not that over time this was an improvement, since the covers "dried out" giving a powder-y white/greenish look to them
Looked great again once I went over it with WD-40 or any other kind of greasy substance
She sported Pazzo levers and Puig DB windscreen from the first month she was in my possession
Rizoma grips and bar weights
Also sported a set of Vortex rearsets, some driven Axle blocks/swingarm sliders and over the years respectively had LSL and R&G (x2) crashprotectors

Had to paint the rear cowling left and right because last time she received damage, the original colors were no longer available from Suzuki
The M4 Blaring
Put in HID lowbeam, Barracuda mirrors, last mod was a smoke taillight
First exhaust swap was a Micron, then came a leovince, after that she remained with the M4 shorty I put on her
Upgraded front coils to Hyperpro
Wheel and Tire
Stock rims, steel brakelines, after the OEM disks came Braking Wave, then followed by EBC Vee rotors
Ran on Bridgestone BT-014 (or 015 Dunno what came OEM), Michelin PP, PP 2CT, Pure, BT-016pro, and lastly PP3



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