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Showcase cover image for 2nd K5

General Information

GSX-R 1000
Oort Grey / Space Black
Acquired the day before Christmas 2021
Currently I am at the limit of attachments, I'll see if I can make some collage in the future

If at first you don't succeed,...

2nd K5 after my previous one got stolen.

Back to making it up to my specs again

  • 1/07/22: Mirrors
HiD was already installed when bought.
Nope, these are not Rizoma, but those have a 6-month waiting list and Barracuda has even more supply problems, these cheap Chinese will do for now
Found out, even though not LEDs, they blink too fast, so new relay coming in
-Relay came in

  • 1/15/2022 Evotech Levers and Arashi Rearsets
The Levers were an easy job
Of course, their construction doesn't allow the clutch lever to drop down low enough to my liking, because of the switch column
Gonna have to grind the plastic knob in the unit down so I can twist it downward and lower the lever
Ground the knob off, damn, seems I missed shorties more than I thought (had them for over 11 years on my k6 750, but not on the previous K5)

The rearsets took a little more work, already locktite-ed everything that could be done prior to mounting
Took a little work setting up the brake switch (when replacing the lines, I'm gonna add a pressure switch)

But biggest PITA were the lines not being made to allow the rearsets to move 10cm backwards
Luckily I had saved a plate I used previously on my other K5 to solve that same issue, with that, I could move the reservoir back
The lines to the rear caliper are still not in a perfect position (But again, this will be changed when fitting steel brake lines)
Also, Arashi has a threaded connector for the shifrod on the engine side, alas, I got the old version that was packed with 2 knucklejoints
Easily solved by cutting the head of a bolt and locktite-ing the bugger in the shiftrod

  • 1/19+20/2022 some cheap ornaments (pic limit reached, sorry)
Preload adjusters

Screen bolts
-titanium wasn't the right color silver (too greenish), Since this was cheap Chinese stuff, I grabbed a scotch brite and lightened it up to be more like the greyish silver in the front

On the "To Do" List:
  • Installing PC III (already present)
  • Grips
  • Bar Weights
  • Smoke Taillight (already present)
  • Exhaust Hanger
  • Eazi Grip
  • Seat Cover
  • Crash Pads
  • Bobbins
  • Side Covers (current -as most, are cracked, already present)
  • Frame Plugs
  • Coolant Hoses (already present)

"In Due Time" List (Probably at next Service / Tire change):
  • Steel Brake Lines
  • Aftermarket Airfilter
  • Custom Tankpad
  • Suspension Upgrade
  • Wave Discs
  • SBS pads
  • Angled valve Stems (With colored caps, for every HP I can muster 😜)
  • Rim striping (the current decals are not gonna last unfortunately)

On my "Desired / Wishful Thinking" list:
  • KTMoto HiD Headlight Assembly
  • PVM / Galespeed / OZ / Marchesini Wheels


Double Bubble, Tankpad
Some nice decals on the rims, though not practical, I expect them to slowly get removed by wear over time
GSX-R Logo-ed exhaust hanger, to be removed because that stuff looks gaudy as hell
Audio? 🤨
I'd say intake and exhaust is all the sound needed when riding
HiD low beam
Yoshimura Tri oval Shorty
Wheel and Tire
OEM / Michelin 2CT


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