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  1. 750J carb slide

    Oil Cooled Gixxers
    Would any know what the stock hole size is in the carb slides. The bike I'm working on has both 2 holes epoxied plugged with one of them drilled with a smaller hole. this has got me really confused! I want to put it back to stock but don't know what's going on here...PLEASE HELP!!
  2. Brake Pad Identify

    Oil Cooled Gixxers
    On the rear of my 750J I just got are Ferodo pads. I'm was curious what grade these pads are due to the wear on the rotor. Stamped on the back is FER2453F and FF663. I can't find them on their web site. Any ideas?
  3. Main Jet ID Help

    Oil Cooled Gixxers
    Come-on now guys, with all that brain power no one out there has any idea what the dimples mean?
  4. Main Jet ID Help

    Oil Cooled Gixxers
    Came across this while cleaning the stock carbs off an 88-750J. I'm verifying the carb jetting is stock. Any idea why it has dimples or what size main this could be? I never saw this before. I'm thinking after market of some sort? Thanks.
  5. New Member

    The Starting Line< =======
    Hello all. A bit of an introduction about myself which my give away my age. I've been riding since 70's. My first bike was a '78 gs550 bought new. As years rolled on I found my passion to be in sport bikes when I bought a new '83 GS750ED. loved that bike and sorry I ever sold it:crying:. My new...
1-5 of 5 Results