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  1. DJ's avatar pic

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    I think she is using a Male body double with a tuck and roll.... She is hot but never has had hips.
  2. New/Old scheme is great

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    good to hear that you like it.
  3. Exhaust pipe orange glow

    TL1000R and TL1000S
    usally that hot means lean. Power Commander?
  4. slingy rearsets

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    look kind of like Raast's
  5. 1100 1200 motors what'll fit

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    Couple of things will help with the interference problems. First flip the front tank rubber over (the one glued to the frame) then space the rear to match. the will give more cleanance. I have built a few over the years and all are currently 1216 or larger and even one with a Sims & Rohm...
  6. hooking up tach to dyna 2000.....

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    Splice the Black/Red wire from your Tach to the Green wire on the Dyna 2000.
  7. Will I atleast be able to keep up?

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    It is 95% Rider not how new the bike is. go out and regularly spank the "Experenced Riders" on thier new (1st bike) 1000cc bikes on my 600cc SMwith only 56hp at the rear wheel. Not that I am a Expert just that I have been riding and racing for longer than they have been on the Planet. Enjoy...
  8. 1100 turbo setup

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    That is a Mr. Turbo set up. I have had two of them over the years. They have some pretty bad Turbo lag. Good as the Strip though.
  9. 88 GXSR750 solo seat

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    Been awhile between posts but... 88 750 pads only came in black as the 88 750 only had a black seat with the red/white/black or blue/white.
  10. You have to see this

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    At least he's out riding it. We forget what it was like to use one bike to do everything. in the Old days we would add bags and it would be a touring bike, add Tyres with bigger lugs abd it would be a Adventure tourer. Now people just go buy a bike and then bitch about the waythe Manufacturer...
  11. You can thank me later...

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    100.00 right now! Clicky-Clicky:D
  12. Some Usefull Information???

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    Well now I've got to jump in... Remember that the Marine Corps is a Department of the Navy...
  13. stock 92 1100 fairings

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    I was looking at those. I have a 89 1100 that I just picked up that has the Bad second gear and bad Body work (paid a wopping 250.00 for it) that I was thinking about building/restoring for my 15 year old.
  14. Magnesium (sp?) wheels on ebay

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    I Miss my Set that I got from Yosh in 88 for my 88 750. I sold them and upgraded to Hypertech Dominators in 90 (Still have those) I do have a front Techno for a Slabby (18 in) if someone needs it. I recomend having Magneisum wheels checked (By a Pro) every couple of years. Bones
  15. Team Suzuki Race bike for sale

    Oil Cooled Classifieds
    I have to agree with everyone else (317 and Chris) and many others have brought up good points. My 88 750 was built by Yosh (Factory Drop Ship) and had many differences from Stock 88's but was titled and street leagal (still is!) but was only raced by me (with the Yosh built stage three engine...
  16. ATTN: Bones_GSXR

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    Work keeps me busy in the Winter and I had to rebuild the Engine in my Supermoto (still working on it) as well as Build my Son his CRF450 (have'nt even started on that yet) and I have to have then done by the end of April. Bones
  17. clutch conversion

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    Sometimes the actuator rod is short sometimes long. I have done the conversion 8 or 9 times and they all seem slightly different. All you need to do is run the Adjustors the to slackest at the Clutch lever and the middle at the sprocket cover, and try to place the cover. it should just touch the...
  18. chain maintenance tool

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    If you are only doing your own chain (or 1-2 a year) the Cheap ones are great. I have two Motion Pro Jumbo chain tools and the only time I have had any trouble is when I have got in a hurry and not had everything just rightand not set the rivits stiraight or not been able to locate the tool...
  19. ATTN: Bones_GSXR

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    Had to get the Dog Team put up for the Summer and start working the the Race Bike. I should be at least on weekday mornings a couple times a day to look over the Forums.
  20. Gsxr Seats

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    The 88-90 seats are narrower than the 91-92 seats.
1-20 of 185 Results