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  1. Stolen gixxer

    General Bike Talk
    Hi everyone. Just wanted to report it here incase anyone hears or sees anything suspicious. Yesterday my '88 gsxr1100j was stolen from Ashford ,Kent , UK. Featured cobra stainless pipe , full R1 radial front end wearing a wet tyre and black and green paint.
  2. B12 v 1052 options

    Oil Cooled Gixxers
    It's a big standard 1052 with a stainless cobra system and has clocked up 100000m. I haven't done a compression test yet but she drinks oil and has lost all her oomph.
  3. How to shrink photos.

    Pics and Vids
    Thanks for that slowrider , that probably explains it.
  4. B12 v 1052 options

    Oil Cooled Gixxers
    Hey everyone. I know this is an old chestnut but would appreciate any info. My 1052 is very old and tired (like myself). It still runs but is way down on power everywhere so I'm looking for a cheap and easy solution. Thing is now I'm old and slow the reality is I very rarely go above 6k but I do...
  5. How to shrink photos.

    Pics and Vids
    Hey everyone. I've only recently joined and have posted a hello/intro but just can't load any photos. It always comes back as file to large. I'm using a Moto g5. Can anyone please tell me how I shrink the photos. Ta
1-5 of 5 Results