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  • cyrille ·
    hello, i have a 1000 gsxr 2012/2013
    i have buy a Em Pro but no disc only the first with no programm
    i look for the second disc with programm and drivers... i have look on yoshi web site but i don t find anything, i have ask to yosh web site but no answer...
    coud you help me please?
    You can reach me at the following e-mail: [email protected]
    best regard cyrille
    Hernz777 ·
    thanks for that info wuzup just another little question with adanced options i cant set ignition table (TPS) to basic becuase it is not connected will this matter?
    Hernz777 ·
    hey i was just reading your posts on PCV with autotune i managed to connect the speed and temperature wire to the power comander and calibrate the speed and each gear on a side stand(scary)the part in which im stuck is the 6 map option when i select this option i get zero value for everything including gear maps and target AFR's. do you have idea which values must i work on in these fields or do i have to copy all the cells from my base map in each gear map?
    RidinIsMyName ·
    yo buddy, just got the pilot powers on my bike. decided not to go with the pirellis. just wanted the practical 7000 miles out of the pilot power.
    gixxercrazzzzzzy ·
    Hey m8, thx for the encouragement im glad you like the picture. Alot goes into doing the drawings and its nice to hear some feedback lol, dont get to much, probably because of how little a actually draw hehe.

    Im sry to hear about your friend m8. Its hard losing people you are close to. I could certainly do a drawing for you. It would be a nice gesture to the family.
    Its just figuring out the price for doing it. I get a few people ask me that dont seem to realize how much work is put into doing a drawings like this and when i give them an idea of the cost they just ignore me and dont even say thx very much but i cant afford it lol. I dont mind if people cant afford it but it would be nice to get a response back lol.

    Anyway m8 if you want to let me no what size you would think of having it and perhaps send a picture to me so i can see whats involved, i could get back to you with a guide price.
    My email is [email protected]
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