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  • WildRiceGSX-R750 ·
    I compiled a list of changes for the 2011 GSX-R750 L1 from 5 magazine reviews and the shop manuals:

    Changes in 2011 GSX-R750 L1:
    New Showa Big Piston Forks move more fluid in a more controlled fashion
    New BPF front suspension is 2.2 pounds lighter
    New front suspension adjusters
    Fork springs relocated to fork bottoms, submerged in oil for less foaming
    New Showa rear shock, lighter components (preload adjuster rings and spring)
    New rear suspension linkage, simplified and lighter
    New Brembo monobloc front brake calipers (one piece design is more rigid, lighter)
    New Nissin rear brake caliper, lighter
    Reshaped intake valves, lighter due to a new stronger titanium alloy
    New pentagonal cutouts between cylinders, reducing pumping losses
    New airbox
    New air filter
    WildRiceGSX-R750 ·
    New intake trumpets
    Revised ECM (engine management)
    Revised ignition control circuit adjusts spark timing to engine temperature
    Revised dual throttle-valve 8-hole fuel injector system
    Primary injectors re-angled to improve fuel atomization
    Fuel efficiency improved 10%
    Lowered emissions
    ECM moved to front of airbox for wiring harness weight savings (1/2 pound)
    Drive mode C eliminated, good riddance
    Drive mode switch moved to left trigger finger position (easier to change mode on the fly)
    New exhaust with titanium muffler, 2.4 pounds lighter
    Engine tilted back 3 degrees, shortens frame and wheelbase 15 mm
    New frame is three pounds lighter yet more rigid
    New swingarm is two pounds lighter yet more rigid
    Front cowling 55 mm shorter
    Rear cowling 35 mm shorter
    New dual-stacked headlight, one pound lighter
    New bodywork simplified with fewer panels and brackets, seven pounds lighter
    New smaller bodywork is more aerodynamic
    New seat (more comfort)
    WildRiceGSX-R750 ·
    Narrower seat area for faster transitions and lower perceived seat height
    New reshaped and shorter gas tank (shorter reach)
    Altered handlebar angle (part of revised ergo package)
    New instrument cluster (from GSX-R1000) with new features, lighter
    Lap timer/stopwatch, programmable rpm indicators
    Revised slipper clutch with altered ramp angle
    Clutch release adjusting screw one turn out (instead of 1/2 turn)
    New lighter front wheel
    New lighter rear wheel
    New lighter rear sprocket drum
    New rear sprocket mount hole pattern, not backwards compatible
    Lighter front and rear axles
    New external locknut design for front axle simplifies fork end, lighter axle, for net weight loss

    Overall 18 pounds lighter than the previous model
    WildRiceGSX-R750 ·
    A report of the GSX-R600 L1 says that there are very few carry over parts from the K9:
    Gas cap
    Ignition coil
    License plate light
    Fuel pump
    Triple clamps

    I suspect but cannot confirm refinement of PVD and SCEM processes (not new but fairly recent and undergoing advancement):
    Chromium-nitride Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) coating of piston rings (resistant to extreme high temperatures) lowers friction and prevents micro welds at top dead center
    Suzuki Composite Electrochemical Material (SCEM) cylinder plating that improves heat transfer, durability, and ring seal
    WildRiceGSX-R750 ·
    I only just ordered the blue 600 front fender through a distributor, who probably has to order it from Suzuki USA. It may take a while before I get it. When I get it I will keep the white one so I can restore the bike back to stock (resale value). Did you want to put a white front fender on your blue 600? The white fender shows road grime, so I don't recommend it.
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