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  • dred ·
    I'm in!

    Dude. Making it to where you have to enter symbols and 10 digits for new passwords is pretty extreme.

    I'm used to having the same password since the 90's. lol
    IEgixer ·
    Hey im having issues with my account @rxmonkeyx, im currently using my brothers account because my account will not allow me to do anything. Can you help me with this or let me know what is going on. Maybe it was frozen by a moderator but i have never been able to post or have ever done anything for that to happen.
    Buggz ·
    i have a 1997 gsxr 600 an when I try an start it when it's cold most the time it won't start. So then I have to jump start it an it runs fine but after I ride it an shut it off an go to start it most the time it starts. But when it does start my lights flutter, headlight tail light and gauges. An once or twice the RPM needel when I was at idol it would drop all the way down but the RPMS didn't drop in the motor just the gauge needle. Could it be voltage regulator or rectifying regulator whatever it's called. I'm stumped. What should the voltage be at the battery when off,key turned on an running?
    Marcus McBain ·

    Hey, I only post "free stuff". I have not sold/marketed anything to individuals for over 5 years. The suspension stuff I provided to your site users was FREE. We have been racing GSXR's for 15 years now. We do have some knowledge to share.

    Marcus McBain
    SRA-Designs ·
    becoming a vendor.

    -how do i go about becoming a vendor?
    I'm a vendor on another forum and was wondering if it's the same steps as the one that i currently run (

    do you have a number that i can reach you at?
    menace2myself ·
    Hey SVS im actually about to appeal my deployment after feeling like my luck har run out , the appeal will be denied but its just for show i guess just trying to rebel all the way to the bird! Thanx for the encouragement and all the shit you did for a war we started! Oh and denmarks coalition forces were my favorite out of all the aussies and brits and even the stupid french, You still rockin the beard??
    kiriku ·
    it didnt say i cant sale stuff as a free member,maybe you should put that in there so folks will know,im not paying for a premium membership on a free site,been a member since 03 it was free then and still is,i will find a way to sell them whether or not u delete my post or not,very not cool....Also you could have sent me a PM to let me know what i can do....
    oldfart01 ·
    Is there a site issue today or is it just me?? When I attempt to log on all I can see is the current active list that would normally be all the way at the bottom. I can access the home page, but whenever I try to go to the forums, I get a message saying I don't have permission.

    The only way I got this far to pm you is if I go to active topics on home page, it lets me go to the squid farm, but nowhere else. Why????

    Thanks, Bob
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