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  • mazzla ·
    Question for you mate: are you (or have you before) using factory pro’s velocity stacks on the k5 1000? I wonder what gains they deliver and if they will need a dyno to get the most out of them?
    tims210 ·
    It was suggested by another member that I reach out to you with my question. Since we are both in NJ I was wondering if you can recommend a fuel injector servicing facility? I want my injectors inspected, cleaned and flow matched. I was hoping to talk to someone in person before I ship $1400 worth of injectors off to someone I never spoke to.

    kris1 ·
    Can I ask you a question..10 spoke Marcehesini rims..Installed some new Cush drives from Motorsport..Do or did you ever get any side to side movement from your sprocket carrier? I mean after a ride I checked my hands at a 12 and 6 o'clock pos.and can move the hub not front to back..But side to side.Is this normal ? Thanks SpL
    kris1 ·
    Quick ? Besides the guy who made the Cush rubbers over on the wera board for the marchesini rims famous problem...Have you found any other fixes for this problem? I have tried getting hold of him with no luck...Thx for any tips..
    Last Week ·
    1/4 mile crazy told me you set up his Öhlins Fork Piston Kit on his bike. Was wanting to do the same on mine. I am looking for any info on the installation of these. Had a few questions. Thanks.
    600man ·
    Thanks for the head up on the windscreen, Do you have any of these on any of your bikes? (Zero Gravity)
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