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  • Rie ·
    Hi RidgeRacer

    I am Rie from South Africa and joined the forum recently. I have a K5 1000 suzuki gsxr EU model. I need your advise with my immobiliser. I was riding when i noticed that the Gear Indicator was not showing the correct number, (meaning it showed 4th when i am in 6th gear) upon inspection i discovered that the two wires from the gear indicator melted together, after i fixed that i noticed my immobiliser light flashes continuosly nd my bike don't wants to start. can it be the immobiliser and how do i fix it. Your help will be much apreciated.
    RidgeRacer ·
    Short answer is yes, but not where it will do you any good.

    The k9 uses to Groups of ignition maps, group 1 for 1st/2nd/3rd and group 3 for 4th/5th/6th. A 5th gear TRE will provide more mid range power ( 0-20% Throttle, 4000-9000 rpm ) in 1st and 2nd. I don't know if the K1 TRE will work on a K9
    Kraig Murley ·
    hi I desperately need an quick answer to a pretty basic question and you do seem to be the man......
    I'm using two k9 gsxr1000 engine in a race car, criminal i know but there awsome. I know you can flash the K9/L0 ecu, i planned to do this but unfortunately the rolling road cancelled on me today, and we are racing sunday, But in the short term will A 5th gear TRE do anything for performance? if im only using 1st and 2nd gear?
    If it will improve performnace will teh TRE from a K1/2 be suitable? desperately need some help.
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