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  • rodriguez ·
    Good Morning Ragnar
    I still have a problem that I can't see or post pics , on my phone or computer.

    Are other members having the same problem?

    rodriguez ·
    Hey man how are you?

    I recently posted an ad in the OC classified section and I can't see the pics. I posted them with my phone. Could that be the problem or maybe is the site?

    Thanks in advance
    javadog ·
    Hey Dan,

    One of the members here has reached out to me and asked me to contact someone to help him with his log-in problem, the one that was caused by the site changes a while back. He can't reset his log-in info, as he has changed his email address. He's tried contacting the admins but never hears back from them. His info is:

    Richard Bruner
    user id: Gammamaniac
    old email: [email protected]
    new email: [email protected]

    If you can get this to someone that will help him, I'd appreciate it.

    Papa Gnush ·

    Quick question, if you have time. I purchased a lifetime premium membership back maybe in 2009 (?).. I don't remember exactly, but after getting logged back in I guess I lost premium status?

    Would I need to repurchase it? I thought it was for 20 years.

    rodriguez ·
    What's up man !

    Good morning! Seems that a few of us recently got a message that changed our passwords automatically. Was that you guys? Or a scam?
    old gsxr ·
    hey ragnar, how's the big block build up? hows the plane flying? getting high?
    I've done jack $hitsince I nearly died from poisioning , hope you'r doing well
    remusr ·
    Can you redo the 2012 cleanup on your subforum "88-92 750 and 89-92 1100 Parts Interchange Info" ? Some posters are just dumb. Thx.
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