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  • Dango ·
    hello, how are u , well since i searched the forums, and saw u on every post, thought of asking u , considering ur old in here, wondering where is the buying section for bikes? i saw in classified last post in 2010 and in forum only 10 pages , is that all on this site? cuz im new here , and thanks :)
    cody5127 ·
    Was that thread you deleted about the intake runners? How about the thread jsarget posted asking for pretty much any carb parts? He doesn't have a red r. That's why i posted that in that forum
    8-ball ·
    I have a thread posted in the wrond area. I have reposted in correct forum. Can you please delete Possible Upgrades: Suspension and Brakes in the General forum?
    mike424 ·
    hey man how are you? just wanted to ask you something maybe u'd be able to help putting on swingarm extensions (roaring toyz) but i'am only doing 3-3.5inch stretch, would i be able to keep my rear brake line? would it be long enough cause i just got my steel brake lines in the mail and don't wanna keep em if its gonna be to tight? but i dont want a long looping rear brake line either for like a 10inch strech? thanks in advance MIKE
    Harrymanback86 ·
    Hey old gixxer. Could you remove the fag comments off my profile? Cougar 296 put that crap on there. We had a debate on the political forum, and she came over here to trash me. Can you help me out?
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