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  • Superbike Racer ·
    Happy New Year! I've seen lots of links for the 2011+ GSX-R600/750 service manual and they all seem to point to the same file. I've taken that file, put the pages in the right order and added loads of hyperlinks. It's big (63 MB), so I can send it to you as a link (via from which you can download it. I thought you might be able to put it somewhere others can access it too. I can't.
    rodriguez ·
    Hello oldgixxer
    I posted in the for sale oilcooled section , the pics do not show but it does say attached image.
    I did it from my phone , don't know if that matters.

    Can you advice?
    Thanks man
    Ricks1978 ·
    Please remove me and all traces from this site. Thank you. Sorry I ever joined and bothered to be a part of this.
    odhogie22 ·
    Hi oldgixxer, I was in the middle of composing a long draft about my upgrades to my L7. I was uploading pictures and the site locked up and said security token missing, Contact administration. I have a good amount time involved and a lot of info.

    Is there anyway to recover this draft?

    Patrick Hogan
    patriot12 ·
    Hello~ Can I list in the oil cooled section that I am looking for a oil catch tank or only in the parts/gear section?
    Thanks! Have a Nice week end, Cliff
    JGDJR ·
    Hello oldgixxer...I sent this to Admin yesterday but I am not sure anyone got it....Can you pass this to someone that might be able to correct this...
    When I signed up for said that under my user name "life Time Premium" and the R was I believe something is happening :):)

    No rush on the 15.00 credit...just want to get it straighten out...Thanks Amigo...

    Dual membership payments

    Hello My membership was coming due around the 9th of Dec...So I signed up for a lifetime
    on 7 Dec...PayPal charge $40.00

    Today I noticed a yearly rate was also added
    9 Dec for $15.00...Please credit my PayPal account $15.00

    Pay Pal : [email protected]

    Thanks for your help

    mazzla ·
    Hey man, I know you know EVERYTHING and I really need a quick answer to my query: where's the tip-over sensor on a SRAD 750 ('98)? Bike cut out on the way to work this morning and shows c23 fault code - I need to quickly decide if I want to send the bike to my mechanic or get it taken to my garage (recovery truck coming in 2hrs and I am in my office with no access to a service manual). I think the fix for the sensor is straight forward and replacements are also cheap enough, but I heard that on some models to get to the TOS you have to take the swing arm off. Cheers in advance for your help.
    old gsxr ·
    hey oldgixxer , thanks for your help, I couldn't log on to new username so I contacted
    site and they sorted it -good to have my classified's and messages back
    cheers , Ken
    BLITZ2R ·
    Curious if you'd like to weigh in on a cooler plumbing thang... check out my build thread "Doesn't Suck" last 2 pages... plumber to plumber....
    knowyourenemy66 ·
    Hello, Anthony D recommended that I contact you for help with an exhaust problem. I posted about it and got only 2 replies. I have an aftermarket can that has rash at the front. Can I drill out the front rivets, cut about 1" off and rivet the cap back on? I only want to remove the damage. Not looking to make it louder or any shorter than necessary. It is a Laser brand can on my stock '95 750. Thanks for any guidance you can give me.
    1987 gsxr 1216 ·
    hey i have a set of 36 mm carbs if your interested will to let for for 160 let me know i can shoot you some pics i think i have a set of 38 also i will check tomorrow send me your email i can send you some pics. have a great day
    overcomeee ·
    come on man, return my overcome profile, i just want to participate this forum. I have a k6 1000 for 5 years and you may not balieve but I am 40y.o engineer, here in my country. Dont be so harsh, it was fun but thats all...everybody deserve second chance right? lets forget about this, at least we all are bikers and we share same interests and stuff..we are not childs, we are grown man. Greetings
    Guzman ·
    hi, I put a thread in Waterlcooled gixers but it was supposed to be in the oil cooled forum.
    Can you please move it.

    Thank you,
    gixxr_06 ·
    hey older gixxer i have a question maybe u can help me out?..... well im trying to find the thread about the adjustable rearset bracket for 06-10 gsxr 600 750 i knw the guy posted a website where we could order them but i cant seem to find it .. would u happen to knw who posted the fourm
    thx in advance
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