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  • GuessWho609 ·
    Do you still have the OEM 07-08 GSX-R1000 mirrors? If you do, are they really OEM? I bought some mirrors off of eBay claiming they were OEM, but they didn't fold inward like the original OEM, nor do the mirrors themselves adjust the same inside the housing.
    Heff ·
    I posted looking for an outline of a k9 1000, to customize my paint scheme and your name was the 1st to apper as the resident expert. If you have any outlines or have a link it would be greatly appericiated. Thanks is advance.
    deputydelicious ·
    Started blowing headlights and the other day i went for a ride and bike gauge started flickering on and off and needle jumed all over then bike back fired and shut off power... when i got off bike battery was smoking i put a multimeter on battery after it cooled and had 12.3 volts.. after reseaching and checking components i am going to need a rectifier and battery...stator is good but my buddy fidelcastrol came over yesterday and we hooked bike to car to see if it would crank to run dealer mode and check fi light it would not crank or go into dealer mode also when everything happened the first time the ignition fuse blew and i replaced it and after he left last night i checked fuses again and ignition was blown again...can u help me on this situation he said u were da man to talk to on forum...thanks ryan you can also call or text me at 813-900-6180
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