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  • awasson ·
    Hey, yeah, I did do that conversion to stick coils a couple of months ago. I used the harness that came with them and it really cleaned up the engine bay. Now when my bike is warm, I just touch the starter and she fires up. No feeding the throttle or anything necessary. That's the best conversion ever. My spark plugs are about 3 or 4 years old but the electrodes and porcelains on them look brand new still.

    I've got each pair of stick coils in series so bring them to about 3 ohms but I'm building a break out board to isolate them from the Ignitor box and provide a signal to each coil independently. It will still have the wasted spark on the plug that isn't on a firing stroke but each coil will be independent of the others so if one goes sideways, the other won't be affected. I'll keep you posted on that.

    See ya,
    p4ddy ·
    Hi mate, I was just googling some slabby images then found your slabby build on the old temporary Oss forum. That was in 2013 lol. So how is the slabby? Is it still yellow? Come and show it off on Home | Suzuki Riders

    This is a new forum for the ones who dont like the Oss politics and is kind of like the bastard child that is never spoken about ha ha. We welcome all makes not just old or Suzuki. Hope to see there. Cheers bud

    rawdonflyer ·
    i am still around, living in burnaby near metrotown. i can help you with your project.
    don't pm me on this forum as i am not on it frequently enough. email me at [email protected] still have my 2 wheel toys.
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