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  • sandm1000 ·
    Just received my return and you guys make it near impossible to spend the money in a responsible way (i.e. pay off bills) been wanting that Racefit for my L3 1000 for quite some time now haha!
    Usdmep3 ·
    I am wondering if I get any additional discount if I order my chain kit here or just the same if I order it on your website. Please let me know I am in the market for one.
    Dark Suzuki ·
    Hey mate,
    I'm a racer from Australia and I'm about to order a quickshifter through your website. (I have already got an exhaust and PC V through you a little while ago). Just wondering if I will need the dynojet quickshifter expansion module or can the quickshifter plug straight into the PCV? Also I was wondering if there might be a coupon or a racers discount? If you send some stickers with my order i can give you some advertising on the side of my bike for ya in return!
    Cheers, Rob
    CarlitosGuey09 ·
    Just received my new "Spider Peak Grips" Shipping was fast! I was putting them on last night (09 GSXR 600) and throttle side is a hassle. All stock, I noticed the stock grips have flaps that go over the plastic throttle sleeve and Spider's can't get over that so now I have a big gap. Did some research but haven't found a straight answer, do I need to shave the plastic down or get new throttle sleeves in order to fit after market grips?
    Wetwilly1643 ·
    Thank you for the quick responses to my questions and GREAT speed on processing my order and shipping it. Grade A++++ company right there.
    1sykgixxer ·
    I went to your website to see bout tires and when I did the estimate for shipping it still says $0.00. So at what point in time would I find out the real shipping price to my Apo address?
    Bengtern ·
    if i order the autotuner from you, can you tune it for me? or do i have to do it myself after plugged in the bike? is it quite simple like installing a map to pcv? or is the process more difficult?
    MotoMummy ·
    If you have the oem headers then most likely you will need to weld in the wideband bung. The stock o2 is a narrow band o2 and not a wideband.
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