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  • STULER ·
    I got a message a few days ago after I asked how I go about posting in the classified section that I had an "infraction" for me. I understood that I needed to be a paying "member" to access the forum but for the life of me couldn't figure out how. So i have been browsing this website for an hour or two and figured it out. Payed the $40 to be a member for 20 years. Went to the classified section and tried to post and cannot figure it out. I think I may be locked out? Is this normal? I have some things I need to sell asap as Im having a baby in a few months and need to clean out the garage for some extra cash. please help



    my nuber is 262 354 5566 if you need to get ahold of me. sorry for the mishap
    Dear Mr Moto .. (lol)
    I have a dilemma here .... A while back I was bouncing back and forth from and ... They look very much alike as if they are evil twins ..
    Anywhoo .. I bought my red R on instead of gixxer by mistake ...
    Are they related and can I transfer my R from there to here .... ?
    I don't have another 40.00 sitting around at the moment and if this is at all possible, I would surely appreciate it if we could do something about that .. I've been a pretty good contributor to what we do on here and have made a number of friends throughout the country .. I usually hang in the oil cooled section with the old skool doods ...
    Please let me know what we can do ....
    GSXR_Will ·
    Why do I get a Cannot Upload Too Larger image for a file of 89.8 KB
    & tell me that the Maximum Image Size can be : 102400
    BioCustoms ·
    Part 2
    Terms and Conditions:

    *The alloys must not of had a DIY Aerosol job done on them,
    the surface must be a manufactures coating.
    *The prize is for Alloy sizes from the smallest up to 18" Alloys only.
    *Tyres removed by the owner before BioCustoms carry out the work.
    *ID MUST be produced to prove you are who you are.
    *The competition applys to UK residents ONLY.

    All you have to do is LIKE the BioCustoms Facebook Page as simple as that.

    The prize will be drawn on Sunday 31st of March.

    Based in Leeds,West Yorkshire Couriers can be arranged.


    Good Luck
    BioCustoms ·
    Right guys now the workshop is up and fully running its time to push the promotions and get the intrerest, so to recognise the occasion we are offering a prize draw for ONE free alloy job the prize will contain the following:

    *Any vehicle up to FOUR alloys fully refurbed to a brandnew condition thats repairing all visual defects such as scuffs, curbing etc.
    *Any Colour
    *Sealed in a High solid scratch resistent 2k Lacquer
    *You also receive a life time guarantee from paint defects Peeling,Crazing etc (Not that you will need it tho).
    BioCustoms ·
    Hi mate, im the owner of a newley starting buisness in custom paint in the uk. Im wanting to start a thread on an Prize Draw we are doing on the 31st march for a Free Alloy refurb job. I thought it was only decent enough to ask permission incase of rules and guide lines on the forum,i will message the post im wanting to put up in another message due to the message box only taking 1000 letters.
    Thanks hope to here from you soon.
    Topend Yobbo ·
    Hey mate , in the 08 , 09 750 thread about "How to do lots of suff to your bike" , ALL THE PICS are gone which makes it worth 2 knobs of goat shit?
    Can we get the pics back or can the pointless thread?
    Love always , The Yobb.
    Bunke10 ·
    Hey on your site under Race Report on the top right you have 2012 Points Standings followed by:
    600 Superbike Expert
    750 Superbike Expert
    ....are those supposed to be links to something?
    auctmarts1 ·
    dear Joe,
    I am Ken, from auctmarts and I have a problem with one of the member GIX1000_07,

    two years ago, and we sold him a set of the fairing and he already get partial refund around 50 % off + the replacment, and he said he will close the thread, behonest, we sold many set to many customer with the same molding and other people said the set line up perfectly, and only him have complaint, as you know we just want the custom have a happy final, and did not argue with him and send him a compensate!

    seems this guy donot committed the agreement and keep yelling with us every thread for those customer who has a happy experience with our fairing!

    what to do!

    he god the money, he got the fairing and he got the replacement, do you think it is fair to us?
    aKillEase ·
    Hey Joe, I just gone done reading your story on Great stuff I really enjoyed it.
    I don't know you personally besides speaking with you here and there on the forum but, I just wanted to wish you the best of luck in your races. I hope one day after college I can do some of the things you and other riders are doing on the track. Best of luck to you!
    aKillEase ·
    Good Morning Moto_Joe, I just recieved a message saying that I recieved an infraction, when I followed the link to the post that earned me this infraction to see where I messed up I saw I had IMHO had done no wrong. The subject thread was, someone with a height challenge looking for suggestions. My suggestion was "you can get some stillettos or some high heeled boots with lil goldfish in them". Now I do admit that this was sarcasm and maybe a bad joke. I don't see where this would fall under the lines of being warrant for an infraction. I am new to this forum so if there is some clause I missed about being a smart ass to "vertically challenged" individuals then you've caught me red handed. Please respond and let me know how I messed up so I can avoid any more mistakes like this... Thanks for your time moto_joe!
    BigGSXR600 ·
    hey was wondering why I cant post on anything or make a thread. I'v been a member for like two years on this site. thanks
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