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  • SPL170db ·
    Have not used them on the 1000. I have them on my 600, didn't notice huge difference.

    But essentially it depends on what you are looking to accomplish. Velocity stacks are not simply a power adding device; they used to tune the power band to what your specific needs are, hence why they make them in varying lengths. Shorter stacks lose some low-midrange power in order to give a slight increase in top end. Longer stacks do the opposite. So again, it depends on what compromises you are willing to make.

    And yes, you need to retune the fuel map when using them.
    mazzla ·
    Hey man, sorry for not responding - for some reason I didn't get a notification that I received a message. Turned out that the MC was a Chinese rip-off, ebay seller refunded the money. Trouble is that I had to pay the garage £200 for the time they spent trying to fit/fix it.
    RoyalClub ·
    hmm, what size washers (copper/aluminium) are you using? and check the MC body on dents or scratches. My buddy had a oem mc which over time would leak a little bit of brake fluid because it had a scratch.
    You could try to pull the lever and leave it overnight that way, see if it improves.. Air can be trapped in very weird spots..
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