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  • Race_fiend ·
    Hi, if you have time, I have a question about my turbo 1000 and heard you would be the one to ask. I will try and keep this short and to the point. I bought a kit from a goof(I know it was dumb)that came with many things missing to keep it from grenading itself. It is running a gtx3076, built motor, motec ECU, methanol injection etc... One of the things I'm not sure about are the injectors. I would definitely prefer to just put in larger, better ones than add more into my plenum like I've seen others do. How do I figure out what size I need for the power I'm using?

    Thanks for your time
    qs504792 ·
    sorry my bike has been out of commision for some time.. clutch went out and i finally ordered a an oem and gaskets for $400!!
    anyways. i was interested in 1000cc cams because in my local craigslist there was a 750 with 1000 cams.. i awweeeddd at the idea.. im not very mechanically inclined but i can usually get anything done as long as i have the right tools.. do you have a how too thread??
    Maj750 ·
    Phil i have had nothing to do with your model bike, back in the day i ran a NA CB900

    You should ask the guys on your era forum ,
    personally i think i would either replace with longer braided ss hoses that you could re route through a cooler area or get some heatsheild , the stuff with silicone outer and braide fibreglass type inner that slips over your fuel or oil hoses , but wiyhout experiance on the bike or one here to look at its hard to say what would work best

    I understand that you are the turbo guru out here .....
    I have an oldie .... 92 1100 with a turbo ... The oil cooler lines seem to run way too close to the ex and as a result have burned through on the right side ... Any idea what people have done in the past or are doing now to resolve this issue ?
    Please let me know ...
    Maj750 ·
    Alpinestar 85 i am a looooong way from Chicago , South end of Australia actually

    Can still help,
    But if you start a thread in the extreme performance section you may be able to get some local help too
    I would recommend good not cheap for your turbo fuel system, its what keeps the bike from running lean and esp on the gsxr with 1 piec cyls and cases you can't affored to run lean and hurt the cylinders
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