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  • Surewin ·
    Is it OK to post a link to cragslist on the GSXR forums with out a red r? So if I was selling something can I post a link to my CL ad?
    long_av8r ·
    Yeah, to buy or sell you need to buy a Red R. Hey, they've got to get thier money somehow. Sure as hell ain't gonna pay the bills making this site free. As for me, I'm just a mod, and this is volunteer work. I.e., they don't pay me for this.
    long_av8r ·
    You are restricted from accessing the classifieds because you do not have a Red R. I can't change that as in order to get a Red R, you must purchase one.

    westonbritt ·
    Hello Sir,

    I tried posting in the classifieds section about a month ago. I did not know about the "Red R" policy and apologize for my ignorance. I believe that I am now restricted from the oil cooled classifieds forum and am humbly asking for permission to access it. I'm not trying to harass anyone one this forum and have found the community to be of a great assistance to me in the past.

    Thank you for your consideration,

    Weston Britt
    jackbird_xx ·
    Hey Long.

    Just a quick question for you (and thanks in the past for your answers). A curved oil-cooler from a '91-'92 GSX-R 750... applied to a 1st Gen '86 1100 or '87 750... should this just bolt up without any modification?... and is there any benefit to going with this newer oil-cooler? I have heard folks on this forum mention how they would like to upgrade or implement a curved oil-cooler to their older gsx-r bikes... but now sure of their reason for doing so. Perhaps these are being used in conjunction with a cosmetic mod with creating a popular "street-fighter" appearance?

    Would appreciate your reply. Thanks - and hope you're doing better these days.

    a.k.a. - jackbird_xx
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