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  • Metlhd ·
    Hello, saw your post about graphics kits. Are you still doing them? I'm doing an 86 in Blue/White OE.

    Let me know, Rod
    auctmarts1 ·
    Hello le skid, Thanks for your advice. Sorry for my inappropriate language and i have changed it.
    May i ask you to delete the quote and comment?
    Fireteacher ·
    I am looking for a set of decals for the '89 1100 gas tank (silver and black paint scheme), at the very least, and maybe the entire decal set for the whole bike. Do you make those? In looking through many of the threads that you have spoken to people about decals, I am not sure if by default you kindly make all the decal sets for all the bikes so we just have to tell you the year and model, or if you need more info to make such a set.
    Thank you in advance for any help you can lend me.
    Paul G. Meade
    EviLKarL ·
    Location on body work yes. current bosywork been repainted with no stickers, i am restoring it to original blue & white. I have one side panel to fairing original OEM.

    Been a member of gixxer since 2000 and paid lifetime member since the day they started membership.
    EviLKarL ·
    this message system is not showing the message i just wrote to you, the blow image bud is 1985 or maybe 86 yea?
    EviLKarL ·
    bueshy said i should contact you, i have a thread in Oil Cooled, looking for details on absolute original location of stickers on 1987 slab 750. I'm about to paint one blue and White, any help greatly appreciated

    BLITZ2R ·
    Hey Mr. Chalet... Instead of a cookie - without spending more than 10 minutes - would it be possible to render a pic of my bike with gold wheels, forks with gold uppers, black sliders and black axle lugs? - but first you'd have to instruct me how to attach a pic to a PM...
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