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  • wombat ·
    Cannot reactivate wombat58 with its Gold subscription because the email address appears to be with a former employer. I sent a general message to the site but did not receive a response. I would like to reactivate that membership, or transfer to the subscription to this login.
    DevlinPM ·
    Hi. Is it possible to move my last post to the non-year specific part of the 600/750 forum?

    I just posted it by accident in the 06/07 sub-form of the 600/750 forum but my question would apply to all years of the bike.

    ricracer16 ·
    So it looks like I got this violation but don't know why and or how to get my access to reply to my own posts and to post in the for sale section. Can you help?

    Reason: General rules violation minor
    12-11-2008 04:53 AM by Knight2211 2 / Expired
    curiositykilledthecat ·
    So I got an issue with my ignition, someone tried to steal it using a screw driver. So after buying a new ignition and getting it in, I plugged it in before installing and it worked. But now, after installation, it won't start. All the lights come on, I even have compression when I push the start button. But it won't kick over. When I turn the key everything comes on, except the fuel pump. It doesn't prime like it should. Any ideas?
    SubZero709 ·
    Hey dude,

    I saw that you were Canadian as well so I'm hoping you can help me out. As I posted in my forum my bike is currently dead, no power to the plugs at all. I checked tonight and I have 12.5V across the battery and with the key on I'm getting 10V on both coils. After reading through the Service Manual I can only see the Ignition Cut Off Curcuit that would cause a power loss to all plugs. With that said however when I hauled off the CDI tonight I noticed that there was water in it so I'm not sure if that could be the problem or not am I'm not sure how to test it? I also have no idea where to find this cut off circuit? Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated and if you know anywhere to get quality parts I could really use that as well as I can find another CDI anywhere with Part # 32900 46E40....

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