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  • King Kenny ·
    aguayoismael ·
    ECU Flash 2018 GSXR 1000R


    I saw your name being mention in an ECU flashing thread. Just wondering if you still offer the service? Also if theres a list of the changes you make. Please and thank you.
    amjair ·
    Correct and thank you .... just wasn’t sure about the limo mode part ..... and I’ll be ready to find the R-Model shock you suggested as well !! I’m 230 lbs .... should I find a stiffer spring or is it that good as you said ?
    amjair ·
    Jason.... greetings

    QUIK question as expected my Fi light is on from w the addition of the full system.

    Do I rrrrrreally need to purchase the servo eliminator or is throwing the bike into any sort of limo mode is it ?
    amjair ·
    Greetings Jason, I was wondering if you could guide me to where the stock suspension setting for the L7 would be listed. I can’t find my manual even if they were listed in there.

    danchoi123 ·
    Các cơ sở chúng tôi mới khai trương gồm:
    + học kế toán tại nam định
    + học kế toán tại thái bình
    + so sach ke toan theo TT 200
    i với Cách tính tiền lãi phạt chậm đóng BHXH tốt
    + học kế toán tại hải phòng
    Hãy đăng ký ngay 1 lớp học thực hành kế toán uy tín chất lượng và lớp học kế toán thuế
    chỉ có tại kế toán hà nội
    Suzukirick ·
    Do you know if there are any custom mid pipes made for the 2013 gsxr 1000 that i can purchase and have someone cut my cat and wield the mid pipe on?
    Karns Performance ·
    how do you have a map for each cylinder? do you have an o2 sensor port in each headpipe?

    custom map is 275 if you would want each cylinder done and you already have access to each cylinder it would be 1000 (this is totaly not needed ama teams dont even do it anymore)

    custom powercommander map with ecu tuning is 499 this alows me to add timing and change a bunch of other things (adj fan temps, timing, remove restrictions, open stp early, eleminate error codes exhaust/pair ect)

    give me a call if you have more questions
    rsp17668 ·
    Looking to get my GSXR1000L2 Customed Tuned, I remember talking with you before about your dealership. Have PCV, Ignition Module, SFM, Autotune and Quickshifter. Is this something you could do for me and whats your cost for a full tune with saved map. Right now have map for each gear and cylinder. Hope to Hear from you soon.
    Thanks, Rick
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