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  • ozboy ·
    Also Pete, the side mount brackets are slightly narrower, but you will see that I just bent up some aluminium and use a nut and bolt for fixing,

    awasson ·
    Hey Pete,
    We're right into full on bike season here and my weekend has been bikes, bikes and more bikes!

    Anyway, my 86 bike is a LTD so I haven't needed to do any mods. Mike (Ozboy) on the other hand has a 1985 bike with a LTD tail. I'd suggest pinging him to see what he did for the mounting.

    Motolorax ·
    Hi again, work just screwed that plan. Might see if I can work in a free day to trip across to check out the bike next week, will let you know if I do. Cheers, j
    Motolorax ·
    Hey Pete,
    Looks like I might have an excuse to zip over to Oamaru via Qtown and Alexandra thursday arvo, I'll try and call the guy selling tomorrow see if that would work. If you're about would be great to drop by for a slabby tour. No worries if you're busy. And thanks again for all the info.
    Cheers, j
    Motolorax ·
    Hey Pete,
    Thanks for that and the link to the 1100. I looked at the bike down in Vegas a while ago, pretty rough unfortunately, lots of crash damage, replacement plastics broken and an engine that showed signs of having had alot of work done and very odd story with the bike... Saw a real minter for sale in Alex about six months back but guy wouldn't let it go for less than $6k!

    Really appreciate your offer of getting a guided tour of what to look for. I agree the Oamaru bike is pricey. I'm still tempted by the low kms but you never know the condition till you look closely hey.

    I've got a good excuse to head up that way this week as we've family farming up that way. I'll flick you a txt if i do. Thanks for the advise. Love Karitane btw, used to live in Dunedin and hung out alot up there with the Mules's surfing - did you know them?
    cheers, j
    Karitane Pete ·
    Hi James, That bike is in Timaru and is jap import as you may know, and at $3950 is to dear.
    if you want to call in on the way past I live in Karitane (39km north of Dn) and I can show you what to look for on the two 85 750 that are here.
    Give me a ring on my cell if you like 0274 397874 and we can talk.
    Have you seen this its closer to you

    you if you want to spend a little more this is nice

    Cheers Pete
    Motolorax ·
    Hi there Pete,
    I hope you don't mind me messaging you directly. Over the last few months I've spent quite a bit of time on the oil cooled threats as I've been keeping an eye out for a slabside 750. I've looked at three now and they've all been pretty rough with either alot of repaird damage or very weepy engines or both. I guess what I'm interested in knowing is whether I have unrealistic expectations of finding a slabbie in NZ for my sort of funds (under $5K) that is mechanically sound? I'm thinking of heading up to Oamaru if I have the chance to have a peep at this one too:
    You seem pretty knowledgable from your posts so thought you'd be a good guy to ask.
    Many thanks, James in Te Anau
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