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  • AlanRush10 ·
    I appreciate the pictures of the pump modification.. i was wondering how I was going to get that element of everything resolved. Neat solution. I hope my K1/K5/K7 (probably going to just go with a complete K7 build once these pistons are changed over) ends up somewhere near as good!
    chevibubba ·
    hey. just saw a post about you can do in reflashing an 05 gsxr1k. in the pics it shows disable c28 c29.
    i have been reflashing my 05 & quite familiar with it using romraider.
    this is the ONLY thing in romraider i cannot do.
    had i just started flashing i would gladly buy wrt but cant justify it for just the c28/c29 elimination.
    is there any way it can be done in rr?

    jim w.
    1968sowle ·
    Thanks JK 750 it my site mess up I can't see some stuff other can't I already talk to forum so I have see what happens thank you for your help
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