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  • andreolivier ·
    Good morning, my name is Andre from South Africa. I read your article on the clutch, must I say it is impressive. I have a 2005 model gixxer and my clutch also makes a strange noice when releasing quickly, but only for a second. This mod you did is it to get more oil to the clutch and will it solve this problem. the other question is if I leave it the way it is will it be detrimental to the clutch in the long run? thanks
    JetSpeedz ·
    Hi Guys sorry for the late replies, i stopped visiting as soon as they got bought over by the advertising company and changed a lot of the rules.

    BadTigerBreath - Yes you can use a banjo switch and they come in single or double configuration. Should be easy to install.

    arlockstedt- they were the 566 but the 577 should be fine. Remember with cams you are just shifting where the power hits and adding more power depending on the cam design so anything is better than stock usually.

    thenumberseven & Rallinho74 - The pdf is too big to email check out that thread i posted a response on how to get the pdf
    BadTigerBreath ·
    I found the following link and story
    and was hoping you wouldn't mind answering a question or two?
    I am putting accossato MCs on my K8 1000 (actually a mechanic will be as I am not that good with hydraulics and electrics) and was wondering if there was anything to look out for, I can see the banjo switch for the clutch, and I get the concept, I have had them on rearsets before, so I was looking for tips of any kind that might save me getting stumped in the install.
    Also with the brake MC I am doing braided lines (double lines, one to each calliper) and the guy said I need a double line Banjo? Does this make sense, I can't seem to find the existence of one anywhere?
    Anyway, any tips would be greatly appreciated
    arlockstedt ·
    Found a post where you said;
    Re: 1000 k3/k4 yosh str cams +15bhp

    "best cams out there for these bikes are the 540's but you got some nice numbers out the str"

    540/577 or 540/566? and what have you seen from these cams? i have an 04 gsxr 1000 and sitting on a 540/577 cams about to go in. any advice? or hp gains?
    Rallinho74 ·
    hi ali, i would to like the PDF file for the 05/06 Gsxr 1000 Clutch Mod. the link doesn´t work. Please send me the PDF files to my email address " [email protected] ". many thanks in advance, ralf ;-) sorry, but my english is not so good.
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