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  • canopr360 ·
    hey there... I am not sure if mine is going bad or is the cheap new battery. But when the bike is warm up Idle Rough and then go low RPM. IF is the R/R how much for a 2000 Suzuki GSXR 600 :S email is [email protected]
    redlig ·
    i need a regulator/rectifier please help me mine went out the third day i got my "new" 1999 gsxr please any advice you have ill take. i bought one and it was broken when i got it only putting out 11 dc please help
    YZ Faybo ·

    Just been going through your post in regards of excess old/new stock. You mention you had over ten radiators what kind of money would you be looking at for one, idealy I require a 600 version but 750 will work fine. Would you ocnsider shipping to the UK?


    yvaiwhy ·
    hey man, was wondering whether u hav a 750 srad reg/rec lying arnd..would like to buy one if u do..can u please pm me the price?
    sdc75 ·
    Hey man.. I don't know if you can help. but I need a Rectifier for k7 GSX-R 750.
    if you don't then if you know of anywhere else i can get one.. other then ebay or dealer..

    [email protected] com
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