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  • GSXR7ED ·
    Comparisons may or may not make sense to any new rider...the experienced ones know when to act out of character and when not to.

    I was new to bikes last year but my personality didn't push me to extreme measures. I feared the bike and its tremendous capabilities. I don't read too many people admitting to that because it's an unacceptable overtone to riding.

    I'm wondering if that's the reason for the "No Fear" persona that comes with riding a sportsike. No need to answer that, I was just thinking out loud.

    There is no answer to be given to anyone wishing to partake in this dangerous hobby. The level of "process ownership" advice is viewed as scolding from your one wants to listen to that.

    It takes an individual who is open to mentoring without any reprisal to assume such a task.

    Ultimately, it boils down to a commitment to responsibility.
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