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  • EviLKarL ·
    hehe take a look at my profile, i'm one of the old boys of Gixxer and been a paid member since its inception. I already have the kit, I bought it from RDecals in USA.
    Yea i was looking for the absolute location, more or less starting from scratch, i do have a OEM side panel with original paint and stickers for guide. mainly the upper and tank and rear section.
    le skid ·
    Hi Karl
    By "absolute location" you mean where they go on the bike? DO you already have the decal kit or are you starting from scratch? I produce and distribute the highest quality kits available for GSX-Rs, on the high-end 3M vinyl and would be happy to coach you through the install process on locations and techniques.... it's what I do.

    The catch: I only do this for site-supporters. IE people who get a paid subscription to and give back to the community.

    It's pretty much a no-brainer since I produce a much higher quality kit available on the market as a non-profit community service and it'll come out to less than 1/2 the price of the usual online offerings. You'll save over $150 by buying a $15 paid subscription :lol

    Blue and white 87 kit looks like this and includes two site stickers too.

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