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  • armyrangerjohn ·
    Hello DemonRR I was reading one of the forums you commented on and you said prep is very important before you paint. Well I have been wanting to always paint my bike myself and just start learning, but to be honest I really dont know the first thing about it, and I dont want to just rattle can it. I want it to look like professional. I bought a spray gun the other day and have been trying to look up how to prep and everything on youtube but everyone is different and doesnt always do EVERY step. Like from start to finish. I know I have to start by sanding the paint off but I dont know which grit to use, or wet sanding or dry sanding, or both. Then I heard you spray on a adhesive then the primer then a basecoat what ever that is ha. Then a few layers of pain then sand the paint and clear coat... I have no idea as you can tell. I was just hoping maybe you could tell me step by step. Thank you so much for your time
    DemonRR ·
    i bought it from my buddies old performance shop. i can email him and ask where he bought it. i would try parts unlimited, or riders discount. they might be able to find it. or try
    skwidvicious ·
    I've been googling pt tuning and only come up with people who have purchased the master cylinder but no link to where they got it from. Where did you get yours?
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