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  • RRP ·

    Mark here. Got a question for you. Any chance I can talk you out of a right side seat panel for a second gen? I just need a solid one with nubs in tact, the one I have is cracked pretty badly. Don't care color as I'm going with a custom paint scheme on my '89.

    crispone ·
    Hey, thank you joegixxer1. Yeah, Ohio area in the country... ;-)

    I hope to keep this one for a long time... it's special that way.
    joegixxer1 ·
    Diggin the Gamma engine avatar, just sold my Gamma. had to get something newer/different. Had it for 12 years, many upgrades, I think I read somewhere your from Ohio?
    scott butler ·
    Anytime bro.The company isnt far away from where i work but found them online.Guy at my work is a Harley mechanic and uses that company for cams etc.Glad it helps out.

    crispone ·
    Scott, that is great information! I appreciate your effort in seeking out this information for me! I'm so busy I haven't had a chance to do much research. Just returned on a 7 hour drive back from work in Canada for a couple days... hoping to work on the bike project more this weekend.


    scott butler ·
    Found out Andrews is more for Harleys.Replacement coils for Harley Davidson engines. But found this but not any Yellow coils.

    Replacement coils for Harley Davidson engines. Andrews
    SuperVolt Coils deliver 30,000+ volts. Models are available for
    both electronic (pointless) systems as well as earlier conventional
    battery and point ignitions.
    Red coils fit 1985 and up engines. Black coils fit all H/D bikes
    thru 1980 with point type ignition sets. All of these coils will
    produce more voltage than stock coils.
    Black color coil, 4.8 ohms ............................ Part #237230
    Red color coil, 2.8 ohms ............................... Part #237240
    scott butler ·
    No thats why i was asking you.But i will look into it since i am in Chicago.
    The coils remind me of MSD ign coils for a car.i will try and check out and get back to you about that company.
    crispone ·

    I am JUST NOW beginning to "peel the onion" on this bike, and discovering various interesting details about it. Short answer, "NO". I'm hoping to learn more about this bike as I begin working on getting it "street legal" in the coming weeks... stay tuned!

    Do YOU know anything about these coils? (I have used Dyna S coils in the past...)

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