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  • LeftHandedJesus ·
    Are you still making gaskets for srad fuel pumps? I have been fighting with mine trying to get it to seal and can't get it to last more than 2 weeks at a time.
    gixerita ·
    quick question for you if you dont mind? im in Canada and have a gsxr 600 srad anyways i have a jet kit and when idling and blip the throttle revs come down slowly which tells me its lean... i had pilot screw at 2.5 turns when it was doing it i then went to 3.5 and got better then went to 4.5 and seems to be pretty darn good now.

    But being 4.5 turns out that means i need a larger pilot right? stock is 12.5 but i went to 15 the other day the 4.5 turns out is on the #15 right now. Do you think i should get a 17.5 or a 20 size? carbs are synced correctly and everything else is in order and no air leaks. Thanks for time
    theGERM ·
    Are you still making SRAD fuel pump gaskets?

    I have a 97 carb'ed 600 that I CANNOT get to stop leaking.

    Thank you for your time, I hope all is well.

    tentoil ·
    Hey CCm. I just read your post on Nology Hotwires installation review. The boot and terminal on my 97 gsxr is no longer able to attach to the head of the spark plug. I am thinking of using your fix with nology hotwires. What year Zx7 should I be looking into when it comes to the coils?
    tentoil ·
    :laugh:Hey ccm i have read a few post in which you have been on and wondered if you could take a look at my post and help me out please. Title is "1997 GSXR 750 Major help". I have read a bit on a post you wrote on for "1996 SRAD Where to start?". A few of the points on there fit my dilemma but not all. I have checked a few of the posts and am trying to see if i can narrow down some of the issues. Hey i've got my red R.
    Adsuzukiboy34 ·
    Thanks mate...

    Finally a carrier from you! Via FB be that as it may, I've been looking for SOOOOOO long for the correct part.

    Haven't been around these parts for a long while, but look forward to coming back into the fold and contributing.

    Seeing as I've just sold the classic car in the garage (it had to go... there was no room to work on the bikes I'm afraid!).

    I have a question, seeing as my 750 has been sitting for so long unattended... (4 years) with fuel in the tank and carbs...
    What should I do to condition it to fire again?
    Just drain the fuel from the tank and carbs then go to light it up or should I take carbs off and rebuild?


    mar71n ·

    I`ve been reading up on the swinging arm pivot eccentric. looks like It was a race kit part, so as I`m no riding god I need all the help I can get to stay sunny side up. Is it worth fitting a pair for a road bike.
    This is my build thread on Old Skool.
    would appreciate your thoughts as currently it would be an easy mod, as I`m still building the frame up for a swap over at some point.

    Thanks Martin
    Renier Klue ·
    Sorry to bother you like. 1Slowrider recommended I contact you. I have a threat in oil cooled gixxers called : 1987 750 fuel line help. I would appreciate it if you took a look at it and if you might offer some advice on what I am to do..
    SRAD1 ·
    My bad, I meant a CRB-S71-1.7-RK kit. Would there be any advantage to this kit over the one im already using?
    Im not chasing anymore power, only trying to achieve the smoothest idle through to redline possible!
    SRAD1 ·
    True! Im going to start at the start with the MJ and go from there, no point messing with PJ if it might get upset again due to a change in MJ, yes?
    Is this a good chance to move to a stage two kit, thoughts?
    SRAD1 ·
    Current Carb setup: Stage 1 Factory Pro Kit supplied by you!!
    MJ: 132.5 out 130 in
    PJ: 15
    Needle clip 4th from top ( nylon washer under clip, metal washer on top of clip)
    MAJ: 125 All across
    Mix screws 2.5 out
    Floats at 7mm
    750 slide springs
    This setup worked really well when it was a 600 and still seems to be ok from 3000rpm up. If started when cold it idles well until it reaches about 50 degrees Celsius, then starts to "cough" slightly and it gets worse with more heat. At about 90 degrees it coughs hard enough to stop. When riding it will stutter on take off up to about 3000rpm then all is sweet, thing pulls like a god damn train!!
    This leads me to believe that its a rich problem on the PJ but I've noticed that there is no issue with stuttering on 1/8 throttle opening at high rpm so it could be more to do with float height??
    Anyway im getting ahead of myself, ill start with my MJ's and go from there!!:cheers
    SRAD1 ·
    G'day CCM, as you know I've done the 725 thing to my 97. Im just about to start tuning the carbs to suite the new setup and thought you may be interested in my progress with it as I assume you may not have had the chance to be involved in a setup such as this? If you feel like putting in your opinion feel free, or if you couldn't care less feel free to tell me to bugger off, I wont be offended!! Cont next msg!!
    bmx369 ·
    Hey CCM, Thanks for your help so far with my 99 600. I have it running pretty good and was enjoying it. Still hangs on blip test though and idle a little rough. Was going to hook it up to man-o-meter and sync but first wanted to remove intake boots make sure they looked good, like suggested. I also had spark plugs out to see how it was burning. When I pulled the bolt on cyl#4 (I think, closest to thermostat housing) and cyl next to it I heard a hissing and then gurgling. Was perplexed & got to investigating and sure enough there is some coolant on #4's valves. I saw some guys on here w/similar issues, but no one mentioned anything about pressure/vaccuum behind that bottom bolt that holds boot to block.. I dunno, haven't ran it yet, prob gonna drop the oil and see what we got as well.. Ever heard anything like this? Any suggestions?
    Jake/93gsxr600 ·
    Well since im here already, i was told pick up a stage one kit for my carbs through you and something called a Red R? also i wondered about the fuel mix screws underneath, how many turns for those? is it in my best intrest to throw that stage one kit in? or maybe can i clean and adjust what i have already? also i noticed your service, people sending their carbs to you. i would like to do that but also i am extremely self suffcient naturally and i am wondering, from your point of view, do i truely need an expert along your caliber to revive the boyancy of this project
    Jake/93gsxr600 ·
    I have heard of your carb expertise through the gixxer forum grapevine. I have a question about my carbs off my 93gsxr600. where should i post at so that the public can see? i like to help others with info on what ive done, ive spent months scowering through these forums fixing my bike without putting any of my findings or remidies to my problems. thanks for your consideration in reading this
    Neovivi ·
    Hi i was forwarded to you on a forum i made im having problems with my motorcycle idle, basically i pulled carbs apart i noticed in haynes manual Carb 1,4 must have 98 jets and 2,3 must have 100 jets but when i opened up carb 1,2 had 98 3,4 had 100s i rearanged the bike is all stock par formo scorpion slip on no baffles im led to believe i have vaccum leak cause idle is eratic up and down alot Can a leaky airfilter box cause this vaccum leak? i had sprayed carb cleaner around the carbs intake manifolds and get no sympton of vaccum there thanks for reading any help will be greatly apreciated
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