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  • Zigman365 ·
    Blitz...what oil do you run in your 1100s?
    Probably 1000 threads on this also with no shortage of opinion or debate. Z
    fintcg1 ·
    Hey Blitz. You posted in my WTB Yosh Duplex exhaust for 2nd gen 1100 thread a while back. I'm wondering if you have that Jet Hot coated setup still and if it's for sale? Please send me a PM or email me @ [email protected] Thanks.

    ccmhunt ·
    Hey, just a thought on your Ti hindle pipe. The SRAD guys are a little different in regards to age and income (myself and a few others excepted.....they tend to be young and cheap), and the SRAD stuff isn't really collectible yet (except for the truly exotic like the ERO and XRO parts that were one-off or true superbike parts). The market tends to be young guys picking up their first sportbike and they tend to be a poorly kept. Some of us are older enthusiasts that have means and knowledge, but it is very very few. So, while it is none of my business, you might find that it is hard to unload a off-brand pipe (they only know Yosh) that isn't shiny, regardless that it is Ti or not. Good luck with your sales, I don't mean to persuade you otherwise, just trying to give you a feel for this forum and the general membership. Some of the guys have truly exotic authentic WSB parts, most are recyclers....
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