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  • Jake/93gsxr600 ·
    Disregard the messages i just sent you. I didnt realize that the EGR tubes you were talkin about were the emission tubes. Well for that i cut out brass plates and used a liquid gasket copper tubed stuff to seal. shortly after i installed that on there, i got to thinkin about how that new gasket is going to hammered with the exaust sill and that gasket will probably detiorate in short time, causing a whole world of trouble for me. So im gonna take that stuff off, scrape it down and then use like JB weld to seal it, There are gaskets that are supposed to go on each one of those yaknow.. ill just jb welded the hole up and then i can put the grinded egr flanges back on
    Jake/93gsxr600 ·
    So you fabricated the water hose on the front end of the head? It sounds like the idea I need, do you have a photo that I may reference? I do have a welder here at my house, well two actually, one mig and one that is the wire one, I just have zero exp using one, only once did I with a friend when we were 15 or 16 to make a skateboarding rail.
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