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  • nightmare596 ·
    I see you where planing on doing the stick coil conversion on your bike.
    I did mine after a frustrating start to the season. My bike didn't want to start so i did my usual cleaning and balancing of the carbs. I got her started and she was like a wet rag. No get up and go. I pulled the carbs out about ten times trying to get them to work. Then i noticed the spark was week. i bought some coils off evil bay and a harness from Chop shop cycles. Put them in and my bike has never run better. I hope you have as much success as i had.
    Karitane Pete ·
    Hi Andrew, My son (Chris) has received his limited tail today and wants to fit it to his 85 750.
    As you have done one of these already I thought I would contact you to se what is evolved, could you please send some pictures of you bike with the seat removed.
    Thank you
    Peter Harkness
    AKA Karitane Pete
    hd53 ·
    Hoi Andrew,

    Is the color of the RK/RR ENGINE for/in Canada the same / simular to the ones REST of the World ?
    Thanks, Hans
    nightmare596 ·
    awasson I know you talk to rod once in a while. I'm getting ready to have my 91 1100 motor built and was wondering if you guy's would have any good suggestions. I was thinking of having some head work done and the tranny looked at. Hoping Rod or your self had a trick like swapping out cams and which ones.
    hornsalt ·
    Hi! What rear wheel have you used on youre gsx? Ive got an gsxr 750 85, and i just bought a rear wheel from an 1100 gsxr -94.. do you know if this will fit on stock swingarm? And how about the brake discs and calipers and sprock? Will this fit? Do you know? If you want you can answer to my mail: kjole at hotmail dot com. If you find the time.. thanks! ole (norway)
    rawdonflyer ·
    hi andrew! its rod, long time no talk to. how are you, i am still recovering from the crash but getting real close to getting my 'life' back.any chance of a coffee? my old e mail address is gone now so i'm using the gf's [email protected]
    or call me 604-436-0919
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