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  • Shaw_2274 ·
    How long would it take to get a black lucky strike kit for a 2006-2007 gsxr 750, G39 to salt lake city utah zip 84102? and what is the price?
    newfiegeoff ·
    i wanted to order a set of fairings off you guys. i was wondering whats the best place to order? ebay or your site… ebay says shipping of 225 while your site is free to canada, was wondering why?

    also i was going to order the Alstare Corona white kit but was wondering if its a guaranteed fit or not?

    and i was wondering if i wanted to get an exact replica of my 2009 gsxr 750 white/silver graphics is that possible? let me know thanks
    newfiegeoff ·
    i was interested in purchasing a set of plastics from you guys, was wondering whats the best way to go about it? ebay or your site? also wondering why on ebay the shipping is $225 dollars to canada and on your site it's free.

    I wanted to order an exact replica of my bike before i dropped it which is a 2009 gsxr 750 white/silver but i don't see it on your site, is it possible to get that made?

    If not i was wondering about the Alstare Corona white and if thats a guaranteed fit kit or not?
    theisen10 ·
    Hello auctmarts1 vendor, I would like information about fairing kit to 2008 Suzuki GSXR1000.
    I already have buy a pair of levers from you by ebay and im waiting to arrive this item.
    I have some questions, the decals are painted or adesive ? My bike is a black style oem color, have some parts matte black and others gloss black do you have this scheme of color or you need a picture of my bike to make like oem style ? The gloss black is the same tone as the original, my gas tank will match the new fairings ?
    Thanks, i appreciate you send picture or another material that you could have.
    [email protected]
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