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  • WotevaMate ·
    Hi Armi - don't worry - I'm an idiot. :) I just looked at your profile and it lists your bike mods....cheers again!
    WotevaMate ·
    Hi Armi, I was looking through some old posts and someone mentioned you have an aftermarket brake master cylinder that works really well. What brakes are you running on your bike? I've got a 600 chassis and was thinking of replacing the master cylinder. Cheers.
    danchoi123 ·
    Theo ban nen hoc ke toan o dau la tot nhat
    - hoc ke toan o viet hung
    - hoc ke toan tai cau giay
    - hoc ke toan o ha dong
    - mau dang ky nop thue gtgt 2016
    thạo -giao trinh tin hoc van phong
    thêm học kế toán tại huế
    chia sẻ cách lập bảng cân đối kế toán
    Và hướng dẫn tải tải thông tư 200
    Armi ·
    I need to send him something, so gonna ask him for his current address..........will get back to ya
    getonit ·
    Oh and I'm asking you cause I want it to be a surprise.
    Hopefully you can help me out. Thanks in advance.
    Armi ·
    This is just a message to myself..I read this on here somewhere and keeping for reference.
    I Installed A Stm Slipper Clutch On My Srad 96 Gsxr750 Stm Part # Fsu-s040 Application For 97-2000 Gsxr600 Which Use The Same Clutch Basket And Hub As The 96-97 750 Srad And Works Great
    crazycurtis28 ·
    you mean the video of me riding.... yeah i was just thinking that :/ doing it now haha.
    what you think of the bike though, any thing you like? dont like? as a fellow srad-man ha
    crazycurtis28 ·
    hey man, if you want, pop on youtube and search for "crazycurtis28"
    theres a few vids of my srad. let me know what you think. and thanks for the reply in my thread :D
    Joshy boyo ·
    No Probs, i'll get onto himand see what he says, Thanks for all the help. Hopefully it goes together with not tomany dramas...
    Armi ·
    Srad front wheel and 1st gen busa axle/front spindle.....sorry brother, not sure of the OD of the k6 forkd.....GSXRMAORI I'm pertty sure would know...
    Joshy boyo ·
    More questions mate.. Did you use the srad front axle/spindle as well or did you use the k5/6 1000 one? I couldn't read it anywhere in you build up thread... And do you the OD in mm of the K5/6 (srad is 25mm if I'm correct??) one off hand couldn't find it in any forums yet, will keep looking...
    Joshy boyo ·
    haha just use your feet bro, fred flintstone style :p 04/05/06 should be the same... forgot the other question, are the radials?
    Armi ·
    iirc mate they're 05 or 06.....I can't remeber tbh...bit of a pain cos I need some
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