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  • bluragclk ·
    YA know to share info one needs to post vital links. So why am I prevented from posting a link that would help others decode the first gens paint codes ???

    Seems so ignorant, it took me 3 months to come up with this decoding process because no one on this site can help or give legit answers or direction via links and the threads become a source of ridicule and stupid tangents from trolls who have to have the last laugh, last word !

    So because YOU deem me a 51 year old man who's been ridding for 42 years a " SQUID "!! I cant post a helpful link that would absolutely clarify the mysteries of Suzuki's paint code detection + instructions on how to do it for all to see>>>>> WOW brilliant guardianship People

    spike52 ·
    Just my .02 regarding the banning of "The Sradiator". Warren has been here at GDC for many years and has done more positive stuff for this site then 99.9% of the members. He's delivered parts to desperate members without cash up front, offered great prices and has shared his vast knowledge of SRADS for 13 years. I've seen many members come & go over my years here and think it would be a mistake to ban him.

    At the very least, let him plead his case, present BOTH sides to this story and let his peers have a voice.
    davidws79u6 ·
    I am trying to post a question on the forum. I am trying to get a hold of rgvsteve about a custom bridged swing arm for my 1986 gsxr 750. I send emails but they dont go through. Is he still in bussiness ? I need his shop phone number.
    GSXR_Will ·
    Why do I get a Cannot Upload Too Larger image for a file of 89.8 KB
    & tell me that the Maximum Image Size can be : 102400
    TwistedMister ·
    hey did you get my PM about the double billing thing? one $40 one $15, both have cleared the bank and one says it cleared paypal, I only signed up for the $40 membership

    I need this resolved ASAP, this is my bank account were talking about, they do have fraud protection
    GSXF60093 ·
    Thrash a Ninja 636 thread needs to be deleted please. It has some of my personal information on it. Thank, you!
    Star_Mann ·
    Hello, I am looking for a THREAD which I started some time ago, which used to be here concerning the Custom 750 K9 Lucky Strike build I did for my son Ben. Where did it go ? If so, can you give me the re-direct link as it has disappeared from access, my privileges do not allow for it to be viewed which is ridiculous as I posted it :) Your help would be appreciated. Ian aka Star_mann
    lightbldr ·
    Hello I'm new on here and am looking for some help as to what is the value of a bike I've been sitting on for a long time .
    What is the best way for mr to get this out for some imput from other members.
    The bike is 1986 GRXR 750R Limited "Dry Clutch" model with only 5000 mi.
    jcoit ·
    Please delete my account. I have no interest in watching your loose cannon of a moderator show us how many fbombs he can squeeze into one post. What a complete disappointment your forum is under Old Gixxer's moderation. You folks would be wise to reel him in or just get rid of him. He is not an asset to you in his current state.
    cehowardrx7 ·
    Hi, I wish I would stop getting messages to come back to this forum. The reason I left was because SVS wanted to use his moderator powers to insult me, and when I came back in kind, he barred me. No problem there, I left. But, now I keep getting messages to come back and my message folder is full! Well SVS fixed that way. He restricted my access. No problem again. I have been used to people using their position to discriminate.

    Thank you again,

    gdem007 ·
    Hello I am new to the site and was wondering if you would please take off some of the restrictions s o I can introduce myself to the site and fellow GIXXERS and also I am in Westland, Michigan looking for a 93-95 gsxr750w motor to get going on a project I recently purchased. If I can't find an engine and parts I think I'm just going to part the bike out.

    Thank you,

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