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Re: Track improvement focus

Originally Posted by lopitt85 View Post
Honestly I'm at a loss for what I'm missing. I'm racking my brain and can't figure it out. We've already mentioned the correct line, corner entry, slowing down the sense of speed, and corner exit.

I didnt specifically mention mid corner roll speed, which should be able to increase, but I dont think that's what you're looking for. We also covered vision as well. Looking in earlier allows me to transition my vision to my next marker sooner.

I'm lost. What am I missing?
I love that you are putting so much time and effort into analyzing your riding and thinking about all aspects, that makes me happy . All good things listed above in terms of what is improved when you look at the apex before you turn the bike. The thing I was really looking for is something that all racers/track riders aspire to (or should aspire to) and that a is consistency. If you have specific RP's and are looking at them before you actually get there, then you will be more consistent with your lines and with your overall riding. The other thing that can change and improve is the rate at which you end up steering the bike.....without knowing where you want to be BEFORE you turn the bike, steering can be lazy and slower than if you know exactly where you want the bike to end up. Hope that makes sense

Originally Posted by TheGeek View Post
When you're in the corner, you should be looking for your breaking marker for the next corner. If you're at the apex looking for your exit point, you're looking too close.

Not if you can't see your next braking marker.....

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